Curtains in your home

Whats the cost?

All our curtain cleaning jobs are priced individually according to the size and complexity of the drapes. However as a rule of thumb, and to help you understand how affordable it is to have your curtains cleaned we have pulled together some typical scenarios for you to look at;

School / Theatrical Drapes
3m x 5m just £210.00 per pair

Hotel room curtains
150cm x 200cm from only £42.00 per pair

Living Room / Patio Curtains
220cm x 220cm only £67.80 per pair

Kitchen blind
100cm x 150cm only £12.50!

These prices are a just rough guides to help you plan. We would be delighted to visit your school, hotel, business or home in order to give you an accurate quote on any curtain cleaning requirement you have.

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