Commercial Curtain Cleaning

Why clean curtains?

Curtains, like carpets are a haven for dust mites and environmental allergens. However, where we find businesses regularly clean carpets they rarely clean curtains.

If you are running a school or have children coming into contact with your commercial drapes it is essential that you clean your curtains annually. Cleaning gets rid of the millions of harmful dust mite faecal pellets that gather in the curtains and removes stains and stale odours.

We also ensure that all our curtains are flame retardant. Not to mention the fact that beautiful, clean curtains make a room.


When to clean curtains?

Every business knows when they have quiet times; these are the perfect time for curtain cleaning.

Schedule a curtain cleaning rota so all the curtains are cleaned once a year

Summer or Christmas school holidays

Furniture change around or re-decorate

With prices starting as low as £26.10 for a pair of standard hotel curtains (e.g. 150cm x 200cm) you’d have to work hard to beat us on price and our Five Point Guarantee makes us even harder to beat on customer service.

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